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IRS Patrol: IRS Seeks Applications for Advisory Council

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced it is accepting applications for new members for the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC), which provides a forum for IRS officials to discuss key areas of tax administration with a broad range of tax and other relevant professionals.

“Members of IRSAC provide the IRS with important feedback from a wide range of professionals dealing with many different aspects of our tax system,” said Doug Shulman, IRS Commissioner. “IRSAC members are doing their part to support sound tax administration.”

IRSAC has about 20 open seats for three-year terms starting in January 2011. IRSAC can have up to 35 members and submits a report to the IRS Commissioner annually at a public meeting in the fall. Applications will be accepted from May 3 to June 18, 2010.

Nominations of qualified individuals may come from individuals or organizations.  Federally registered lobbyists cannot be members of the IRSAC. IRSAC members are drawn from diverse backgrounds. Membership is balanced to represent the tax professional community, including tax attorneys, certified public accountants, enrolled agents, enrolled actuaries, appraisers, and the business community, among others.

Nominations should describe and document the proposed member’s qualification for IRSAC membership, including the applicant’s knowledge of Circular 230 regulations and the applicant’s past or current affiliations, as well as dealings with the particular tax segment or segments of the community that the applicant wishes to represent on the council.

More information, including application requirements, is available on the Tax Professional’s Page on IRS.gov. Questions about the application process can be sent to the following e-mail address:  *public_liaison@irs.gov.

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