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Another Year, Another Post, A New Site

By Stacie Clifford Kitt, CPA

Another year – It’s definitely true what they say, time moves faster the older you get. I am positively sure that yesterday was October 15.

Nevertheless, as fast as the year went, I am pleased to say that I was able to accomplish my number one professional goal for 2009. This was to establish a web presence and to learn more about social networking and blogging.

With over 200 blog posts in 2009, Stacie’s More Tax Tips went from having no traffic ranking in June [which really means nobody knew about the blog] to surpassing something like 17,481,781 blogs in popularity for an Alexa ranking of 518,219  [U.S.] by December. Wow, I’m still amazed by that jump. Sooooo – I guess – based on those numbers – it’s safe for me to take “learn about blogging” off the list.

I also set up a Facebook fan page for Stacie’s More Tax Tips where I now have 57 fans. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but to be honest, I would be happy for just one – Oh M’God, I have a fan Whoo Hoo. Really!  

And of course, I have a personal profile with a notable amount of followers/connections/friends on the usual social suspects, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. I really think I have the whole “online” thing down – so I will mark that off my list as well.  

As far as a web presence, the idea of which is personal “branding“, well two years ago if you Goggled my name, you found, nothing, nada, zilch. But today, try it. There’s definitely a few good pages about Stacie Clifford Kitts out there – Another check-off on the list.

But a new year brings a new concept for Stacie’s More Tax Tips. This year I wanted to be able to showcase certain topics and tax areas on the blog. Unfortunately, Blogger just didn’t have the functionality that I was looking for. Hence, the new site on WordPress. I hope you like the new format. I am still learning about the WordPress platform, making changes to pages and generally learning how things work, [I admit I am a little sad that I can’t use any Java stuff on my “free” WordPress hosted site – but I guess you can’t have everything – at least not for free].

But I think the basic format is pretty much set and good to go. And I am thrilled to start the new year with a new look and exciting new posts.


  1. Marc says:

    Each year I celebrate the statue of limitations for audits. Another year safely put to bed.

  2. It’s always nice when an audit period expires. Less to worry about. Of course there are those clients who like to extend, so I generally hold off on the celebration until October 15. 🙂

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