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Shameless Self Promotion – OCTalkRadio.net Here is My Interview

By Stacie Clifford Kitts CPA

Last week I announced my interview on OCTalkRadio.net with Ric Franzi of Critical Mass.
Interestingly, Ric wanted to find out how social networking including my blogs Stacie’s More Tax Tips and The Business Perspective was affecting my CPA practice.

Although I was excited about being on the show and talking about how I am utilizing social networking, I must admit I was nervous. I mean, accountants tend to stay in the shadows rather than in the limelight. And, I am definitely not the exception to that stereotype.

So here is the link to the recorded show at Critical Mass. Feel free to let me know how you think the interview went.


  1. Monica Lawver says:

    Just listened to the interview. Great job! Sorry you were sick. Were you panicking when your voice was fading?I agree with your observations about how slow our dear industry is adopt things. I'm very lucky to work for a very progressive firm. How many people can work from home across the country?

  2. Stacie Clifford Kitts says:

    Hi MonicaYes I was worried that my voice was going to give out. After the interview it did believe it or not.An old friend posted at my Facebook page that I was talking too fast and not letting the interviewer get a word in..Good thing I got it all out before the voice turned off. LOLYes the CPA industry is a bit "old school." Its great that you can work from home from across the country. I am 100% for letting professionals be professionals and self direct their time…as long as deadlines are met and the product is good…who cares where you do it!

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