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Prologue to my Interview with Ric Franzi Author and Radio Show Host – But Take Note – This Part is all About Me.

By Stacie Clifford Kitts, CPA

A couple of weeks back you might remember that I bravely agreed to be a guest on Critical Mass the radio show on OCTalkRadio.net . I say bravely because if you know me well, you know that I am not a public person.

Yah yah – I am building an internet presence. And I regularly post to my blogs. But I do all that while sitting safely behind a desk in my quiet little office. But to put myself out there – you know to venture outside my “safe space” to be in a public arena – to be on “stage” – ‘tremble’ – not exactly something that I am comfortable doing.

You see, I was never the kid signing up for drama class, or participating on the debate team. I did not run for student government or even compete in sports. Although in the fifth grade, I was in the choir – I dabbled in gymnastics – and I made the cheerleading squad – I am not really sure what was going on there. I suppose the fifth grade was a year of anomalies for me.

But maybe in those days I was just too young to realize what appears to be the overriding theme, that whenever I stand before a crowd with people expecting me to say something intelligent or to be entertaining, let’s just say that I suffer from one of the most dramatic cases of stage fright that you will ever see. And regardless of how much I prepare or what techniques I use, the blood pressure will rise, the adrenalin will flow, the shaking will begin and while my face starts to glow a bright shade of red, I always wonder if this will be the moment when my ears will actually melt and slide off my head.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that I am a quivering mass of jittery anxiety, absolutely not, because frankly that would not be an accurate description of my personality. I am great in small groups, I have no trouble speaking my mind, and I can fight a good battle when needed. I am not a push over by any stretch.

But with all that said, I think my level of appreciation for people who are willing to step outside a typical comfort zone or who are willing to explore new avenues or concepts is somewhat enhanced. Frankly, I admire people who just put it out there – no doubt. And it is exactly that same willingness to put it out there that made me interested in contacting and interviewing Ric Franzi – author of Critical Mass The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups.

Ric and his partner have created a dynamic format to market their business and to highlight talented CEO’s and business owners here in Orange County. And I am excited to share with you in an upcoming post what I have learned about Ric, CEO Peer Groups, and Critical Mass the Radio Show. So please be sure to stay tuned.

Shameless Self Promotion – OCTalkRadio.net Here is My Interview

By Stacie Clifford Kitts CPA

Last week I announced my interview on OCTalkRadio.net with Ric Franzi of Critical Mass.
Interestingly, Ric wanted to find out how social networking including my blogs Stacie’s More Tax Tips and The Business Perspective was affecting my CPA practice.

Although I was excited about being on the show and talking about how I am utilizing social networking, I must admit I was nervous. I mean, accountants tend to stay in the shadows rather than in the limelight. And, I am definitely not the exception to that stereotype.

So here is the link to the recorded show at Critical Mass. Feel free to let me know how you think the interview went.

Shameless Self Promotion – Be Sure to Tune in to OC Talk Radio Thursday at 4pm

Read on to learn more about my upcoming interview on:

Critical Mass NOW on OCTalkRadio.net

Critical Mass: The Radio Show airs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 5pm.

Monday at 4:00 pm Ric Franzi will interview Rita Ferguson of G&F Concrete Cutting and David Baker of MessageBroadcast. Rita will be discussing how she and her husband have built a differentiated business in the highly competitive construction industry and David will talk about how his firm responds to changing customer requirements and the advancement of technology. More information on Rita can be found at http://www.gfconcretecutting.com/ and on David at http://www.messagebroadcast.com/.

Tuesday at 4:00 pm Doug Gfeller will interview Larry Peterson of Peterson Oliver & Poll and Tom Newmeyer of Newmeyer & Dillion LLP. Larry will be talking about how a business owner should approach the possibility of litigation in a legal dispute and Tom will be discussing the impact of the economic slowdown on the legal profession. More information on Larry can be found at http://www.poplaw.com/ and on Tom at http://www.ndlf.com/ .

Thursday at 4:00 pm Ric will interview Stacie Clifford Kitts of Clifford Kitts CPA and Kelly Adams of KJA Associates. Stacie will talk about how her use of social media has affected her business and Kelly will be discussing the role performance management plays in the long term success of a firm. More information on Stacie can be found at http://www.clifford-kitts-cpa.com/ and on Kelly at http://www.return-on-humancapital.com./

To listen live visit: octalkradio.net or listen to archives of our previous show at http://ceopeergroups.podbean.com as well as other podcasting services.

You can find the show on iTunes as a business podcast by typing Critical Mass: The Radio Show.

Critical Mass: The Radio Show is the premier business talk show on OCTalkRadio.net featuring interviews with leading business executives. The goal of the show is provide information to help our audience of business owners and top executives make better, more informed decisions.

To learn more about Doug and Ric visit (www.criticalmassforbusiness.com)

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