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IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2014-12: Get Tax Help “en Español” at IRS.gov

It can be hard to understand taxes in any language. It can be even more difficult if English isn’t your first language. The IRS provides many free products and services on its Spanish language web pages. Make IRS.gov/espanol your first choice to visit for tax help in Spanish. Here are some of the tax resources “en Español” that you can get from the IRS this summer:

  • Get answers 24/7.  IRS.gov/espanol is available all day, every day for individuals and businesses. You can even get help in Spanish for your unique circumstances ― like tax centers for agricultural workers and truckers. You can also get help if you’re facing financial difficulty at the “Centro Tributario para Asistir a Contribuyentes Desempleados.”
  • Use IRS Free File.  IRS Free File is the best way to e-file your federal income tax return for free. Available only on IRS.gov in English or Spanish, IRS Free File is fast, easy, and safe. Use Free File through Oct. 15 if you still need to file your 2013 tax return.
  • Get health care tax information.  The IRS website also has information about the Affordable Care Act tax provisions in both English and Spanish to educate individuals and businesses on how the health care law may affect them. The pages provide information about tax provisions that are in effect now and those that will go into effect in 2015 and beyond. Visitors will find information about the law and its provisions, legal guidance, the latest news, frequently asked questions and links to additional resources.
  • Use IRS online tools.  Order free transcripts and get them within 5 to 10 business days. Check the status of your refund through “¿Dónde está mi reembolso?” You can also use “Asistente EITC” to find out if you’re eligible for a tax credit for people who work but don’t earn a lot of income.
  • Get tax forms and publications.  View and download several tax forms and publications in Spanish from IRS.gov/espanol.
  • Get the latest on new tax laws.  You can get the most up-to-date information on tax law changes by typing “Noticias en Español” in the IRS.gov search box. You can sign up to get tax tips in Spanish by e-mail.
  • Get tips at the Multimedia Center.  Video tax tips and audio podcasts on various IRS topics are available in English and Spanish. Search using the keywords “Centro Multimediático.”
  • Follow IRS on Twitter.  Connect with the IRS through social media. Get the latest IRS tax news and information “en Español” through Twitter @IRSenEspanol.
  • Check out IRS2Go. The free IRS app for smartphones and android devices is also available in English and Spanish.

The official IRS website address is IRS.gov. Don’t be fooled by sites that end in .com, .net, .org or designations other than .gov.

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