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IR-2014-6: IRS Filing Season Tax Tips Begin Jan. 28

IR-2014-6, Jan. 24, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service will make available a special series of daily Tax Tips beginning Jan. 28 to help people prepare their tax returns.

More than 60 IRS Tax Tips will be available through a free email subscription or by visiting IRS.gov. The tips, one available each business day through the April 15 tax deadline, offer single-topic briefs on tax topics affecting millions of people.

The easy-to-read tips cover a wide range of topics to help people with the 2014 filing season, which begins Jan. 31. Many tips offer information on money-saving tax credits and deductions that can be easy to overlook and could affect your refund.

Topics for 2014 include:

  • How to avoid tax scams
  • Help available through IRS.gov
  • Who can claim the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Free File
  • Free volunteer tax help
  • Fastest and safest way to get your refund
  • How to choose a tax preparer
  • Tax help ‘en Español’
  • Tax return errors that slow down your refund
  • The home office deduction
  • Education tax credits
  • Helpful tips for paying your taxes

You can receive the Tax Tips automatically each day via email by signing up for a free service on IRS.gov. From the Subscriptions page, choose the “Tax Tips” drop-down menu, then click on “Subscribe.”

In addition to more than 60 filing season tips, several special edition tax tips will be available on the IRS website. To see the Tax Tips, visit the News section of IRS.gov or type “Tax Tips” into the search box.

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