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IRS Tax Tip 2013-46: Top Six Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

The April 15 tax deadline will soon be here. Those who wait until the last minute to file may be rushing to find the tax information they need. Tax preparers, businesses, news media and web masters may also be looking for creative ways to help their clients find IRS tax information and tools.

Consider using these IRS social media tools to help you or your website visitors navigate the tax deadline.

  • IRS2Go.  IRS’s free mobile app gives you your refund status, tax news updates, IRS You Tube videos and also lets you request your tax records.  IRS2Go is available for the iPhone, iTouch or Android mobile devices.
  • YouTube.  IRS offers video tax tips on a variety of topics in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.
  • Twitter.  Tweets from @IRSnews provide tax-related announcements and daily tax tips. Tweets from @IRStaxpros offer news and guidance for tax professionals. Tweets from @IRSenEspanolhave news and information in Spanish, and @RecruitmentIRS provides updates for job seekers.
  • Podcasts.  IRS has short audio recordings that offer one tax-related topic per podcast. They are available on iTunes or through the Multimedia Center. Transcripts of the Podcasts are also available.
  • Tumblr.  IRS Tumblr is a microblogging platform where users can access IRS tax tips, videos, and podcasts. The IRS uses Tumblr to share information about important programs. Tumblr can be accessed from your browser, smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Protecting your privacy is a top priority at the IRS. The IRS uses social media tools to share public information, not to answer personal tax or account questions. You should never post your Social Security number or any other confidential information on social media sites.

Get connected and stay connected to the IRS with social media.

Additional IRS Resources:

IRS YouTube Video:

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