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Experience the Joy of Tax With Katherman Kitts – We are Hiring Right Now

Stacie Kitts is a Tax Partner at Katherman Kitts

I know, tax blog not job search site.  But I thought, what the heck, who says I can’t?

We are activity searching for the right candidates who want to experience our love of tax first hand and in person.

Katherman Kitts serves a variety of high net worth individuals and businesses with complex and interesting tax issues.

We are a forward thinking firm in every respect.   We are a green firm.  We believe the less paper- the better. We believe that as a CPA firm, we are a leader in exploring new and interesting ideas in technology and management styles.

Our firm values include our commitment to provide proactive planning and ideas so that our clients are not surprised at tax time.  They know and feel that we care about them, their businesses and their financial lives. Our clients hire us to do the worrying for them and we do just that!

We also understand that our employees have personal lives.  I’m not going to throw out that tired old adage about  work life balance blah blah blah.   Look, we understand – you need a life outside of work. We get you have a family.  We want you to be happy at Katherman Kitts, and we understand that you want to maintain your personal life.  As a former/recovered single mother of three, I grew up in this industry personally experiencing the challenges of public accounting and life issues.  I get it. We will try and work with you to find a resolution should those two universes collide.

So who are we looking for:

Tax Manager – This person is a CPA, has 5-8 years of experience working as a tax manager in a public accounting environment. This person already knows the joys of tax and can manage people, clients, and projects.  This person understands the tax rules and or knows when and how to find them.  This person can prepare tax returns, can review tax returns, and can make sure the product is delivered timely.  This person understands that meeting client expectations is how we all get paid!

Tax Senior – This person is a CPA, has 2-5 years of experience working in a public accounting environment (tax department).  This person is developing a joy for tax and has experience preparing tax returns – c-corp, s-corp, individual, trust, partnerships.  This person has a firm grasp of debits, credits and accounting principles.

If you don’t quite fit the requirements of the above job descriptions, but think you would be an asset to Katherman Kitts, contact me, maybe you can talk me into it.

Please contact me by email with a resume at skitts@2kcpas.com

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