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Jason Blumer CPA, He’s a Funny Guy

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Jason Blumer CPA, the managing shareholder of Blumer & Associates is a funny guy.  No really.  It’s true. There is proof.

I also really like his website:

We believe your numbers are simply telling stories about the relationships, processes and knowledge running deeply through your business and life. The production of numbers is not the end goal of our firm.  We are here to bring clarity to the reasons why your numbers are what they are. We are a next-generation firm, and we are doing this all over the dang world!

That’s some nice copy – wish I had written it!  AND according to Accounting Tomorrow – Jason is the second place winner in the Atom’s Got Talent Video. Congratulations Jason!


  1. thriveal says:

    Hey Stacie, thanks for the shout out! I made that during tax season late one time. I was fed up!

    Your rock. Thanks again.

  2. You are very welcome. Enjoyed the video.

  3. tinaknowsbehavior says:

    Oh, that was the 13th night in a row you were working on my taxes!

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