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I am Flattered by Your Praise

By Stacie Clifford Kitts, CPA

Well its out. Accounting Today over at WebCPA.com has named the accounting industries 2009 top 100 most influential people. Although I am not named – really no surprise there, I am all giddy about Liz Gold over at Accounting Tomorrow labeling my blog Stacie’s More Tax Tips as a “Cool” blog.

I just can’t wipe the grin from my face as I read that my post “An Accountants Search for the Bat Cave – A Story About Networking” is “a fresh, fun take on an old issue and Kitts offers an honest approach to finding the answer.”

Wow really, thanks Liz. I am truly flattered.

Liz has recently cast a line in search of “young CPA’s” in her article Young CPA’s Wanted! – young being under 40, who have struck out on their own breaking from normal firm attitudes. I must tell you that I am a little bummed that I am now considered an “old” accountant. But even though old, I am proud to say that I have always been known as the accountant lacking in the typical firm “mentality” or more accurately a partner once said to me, “You are not like other accountants. You really think differently…oh -But in a good way.”

No kidding, he actually added, “but in a good way.” However, that’s another story. 🙂


  1. Nerd says:

    Way to go Stacie- you and I are gonna be on next year's list.(I made the blue sidebar on the same page as Obama's mention which I think is way cool!) And I am in the same paragraph with Rebecca Ryan who is just a bundle of amazing insights and awesomeness. If you have ever seen her present she is just the best.

  2. Stacie Clifford Kitts says:

    Wow, there it is, "Geni Whitehouse, a well regarded consultant with a brief for improving communications." How great is that! You just might make that list next year. But the question is, will you still talk to us little people?

  3. Nerd says:

    Frankly, I'd rather have a cool mention related to my Bat Cave post, had I been talented enough to write such a post.

  4. Stacie Clifford Kitts says:

    What a kind thing to say. Thank you.

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