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Special Guest – Author Luis Puncel Gives an Interview About His Book: Knowledge-Based Audit Procedures

By Stacie Clifford Kitts CPA

I want to welcome my friend and fellow CPA Luis Puncel to The Business Perspective. Luis was gracious enough to do this interview about his book Knowledge-Based AuditTM Procedures, published by one of our favorite information sources CCH.

I have to admit, I was really excited about doing this interview. As CPA’s there is so much that we need to do and to know just to be able to tackle our day-to-day job. Therefore, when you meet someone who can do that and write a technical book too, well I have to admit, I’m just a little curious about how that comes together.

So why delay? Let’s jump right in.

1) Luis, can you tell the readers about your book?

Well, the book is CCH’s Knowledge Based-AuditTM Procedures. It provides the most effective approach for practitioners to conduct conservative, high quality audits of nonpublic commercial entities. It is knowledge based because the approach incorporated in the book and the Knowledge Based-AuditTM documents are risk based, fully integrating the risk assessment standards, and emphasize the knowledge gained in performing the risk assessment, to help the auditor design an audit that uses the knowledge gained to design an effective, efficient, and tailored audit approach that focuses on the audit risks.

The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM that contains a complete set of the Knowledge-Based Audit TM (KBA) documents, including audit programs, forms, practice aids, correspondence templates, and report templates designed to help auditors satisfy the highest professional standards. The tools provided on the CD-ROM will take the auditor through an engagement – from the initial evaluation of client acceptance to the issuance of the auditor’s report – and can be customized to suit each practitioner’s needs. The book, which may be used alone, or as a companion to the Knowledge-Based Audit TM documents, is written to provide practical, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement advice. The book is updated each year to stay current. Right now I am working on the 2010 edition.

2) That’s great that the book also includes the audit programs. For me, including the practical elements such as the practice aids makes the book much more valuable. However, writing this type of book also takes a lot of work, this I know from experience. What inspired you to write it?

What inspired me is my love for my work that I am very technical, and enjoy writing. A good friend, George Georgiades, who authored the book for many years before me, really inspired me. He asked me to take over writing the book when time constraints didn’t allow him to keep doing so. George has taught me a lot about writing a technical book. Also, my firm, Rothstein Kass & Company (a national firm with nine offices, which is the 21st largest accounting firm in the country), in which I am a principal, has been very supportive of my efforts.

3) Wow, you are lucky that Rothstein Kass is so supportive. I can image that writing a book such as this would be almost impossible if your firm wasn’t on board with you. Can you tell the readers what was the most challenging part of writing the book?

The most challenging parts are staying abreast of the ever changing auditing standards and distilling the various standards into a concise and easy to read form.

4) If you are going to go to the trouble of penning a book, especially a technical book, it’s important that interested readers find you. Your book is published by CCH, unarguably one of the world’s leading technical information providers. Can you tell us how you found your publisher?

I am lucky in that respect. This book has been published for years by CCH, and already has a loyal following. In fact, it used to be called Miller Audit Procedures way back in the day.

If I can give some advice to aspiring authors of technical books, make your book different. There are literally hundreds of books on any technical topic. Yours has to be different and have added value, to rise above the pack and attracting a publisher. One way to make it different is to write in plain language and make it easy for readers to find what they are looking for and to implement it.

I started out working on a small project for CCH, doing a technical review of one of CCH’s products. (CCH puts all of its technical books through a rigorous quality control process, including an independent technical review, and a peer review of the whole process.) The relationship with CCH blossomed from there, when George Georgiades asked me to take over authorship of the book.

Thanks Luis! That’s great advice.


Luis is a graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business. He also has 30 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest public accounting firms. He is currently a principal and manager in charge of the Orange County, California practice office of Rothstein Kass & Company. Luis’ book Knowledge Based-AuditTM Procedures is available through CCH, and on Amizon.com.

Rothstein Kass is a national public accounting firm ranked among the top 20 largest accounting firms in the nation. As one of the top 10 firms in California, Rothstein Kass provides a wide range of services including: audit, tax, litigation, forensics and management advisory services to clients in a range of industries. Rothstein Kass has been recognized as one of the top two CPA firms in the hedge fund industry for the last two years in a row and as one of the best companies to work for in NJ, NY, CO, TX & CA. Rothstein Kass has four offices in California (Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Francisco and Walnut Creek) and offices in New Jersey, New York, Texas (Dallas), Colorado (Denver) and the Cayman Islands.

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